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On, people from all over the world come together. Some have been through challenging times others are in the midst of it all. 

The purpose of this community is to support each other. Listen, if you have the resources to listen, speak up when you need help, support and share your story for others to learn from and encourage.

This can be done in private messages, through conversations in the forum and the chat. 

It is essential that we are aware that challenging and triggering subjects might come up. If you feel triggered take care of yourself first and only reply when you can do so from a safe, calm and kind spot. Report problematic comments immediately so can be the safe place we all need and deserve.

What is not acceptable at any time is demeaning speech and behaviour. This involves any verbal or nonverbal behaviour that someone experiences as undermining that person’s self-esteem and implies that they are less than worthy as a human being. Such behaviours include, but are not limited to, name-calling, ridicule, sarcasm, or other actions which ‘put down’ people. Demeaning a person with such physical behaviours as rolling one’s eyes when the person speaks or otherwise negating her importance as a community member is also unacceptable. Anyone encountering such hostile behaviour has the right and responsibility to surface it as an issue.

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