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My course was accepted - now what?

What are the steps until your course is live in the Academy?

Please provide the following info:

  • Your member name on so we can change your account into one of a course admin.

  • Course description for the landing page (which is the course's overview page that a potential student sees).

  • Image of teacher/ course instructor for the landing page.

  • Teacher/ course instructor bio. With approx. 300-500 words.

  • A 1440x720 image for the landing page (no text, we'll add this). You can use or, for example.

  • Signed teacher agreement (in the teacher agreement, the duties and rights of both of you as the teacher and us as the platform provider are laid out in detail).

  • Should all contents be visible once a student enrols? Or should they only see the next chapter once the previous one is completed?

  • We usually provide the course platform and give you access to upload and tweak the course yourself. One the one hand, it does create more work (but don't worry, we're here to support you with technical questions. On the other hand, it also means you have complete control over your content at any time.

  • Sometimes, we upload and set up the course for you. In that case, we'd need a structured overview, all videos, text documents, pdf (preferably in a shared google drive folder, for example), and any other material required for the course.

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