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How can I earn money as a teacher? is free to use, so besides the need for an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer, we do not have yet another entry barrier.

Users and teacher who want to be more active as happiness ambassador can sign up as CORE member and, through that, also support our mission and vision financially, which is much appreciated.

However, we are aware that not everybody has the means to do so. 

Here are your options when offering a course.

  • Offering a free course on the happiness Academy

If you choose to offer your course for free, your course's hosting and technical support are all for free—both for you and your students. Besides the happiness Academy, you can also use the happiness Forum and community to engage with each other. 

  • Offering a free/ donation based course 

If you ask for donations at the end of your course, the platform and all attached services are free for you and your students.

  • Asking for a fixed rate for your course

If you choose to ask for a fixed price for every student, we ask for 10% of that price to support the happiness project financially. 

  • Offering a donation-based course with minimum donations

This is the same as the fixed rate. We will only ask for 10% of your actual earning to support the project.

This way, you have no risk nor financial investment. You only pay a small percentage once a student has signed up and paid.

You can also earn and spend money on through the HAPPY Token in many different way! 

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