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How can I cancel my CORE membership?

We'd love it if you to stay, but of course, you can cancel your CORE membership any time before the renewal; there isn't a notice period or other requirements.

Find the cancellation link under "Settings" and "Membership" where you'll also find additional information about your current membership. 

You can use all the paid features until the end of the selected runtime, even if you cancel before the expiration date. At the end of your CORE membership period, your account will be changed back to a basic account.
You'll still be able to use and contribute to in many ways that do not include financial transactions and are equally needed and appreciated.

And how?

  • You can actively engage in the forum, participate in a plethora of discussions or start your own
  • You can find new friends and make contacts and
  • You can invite other people who don't know yet to join us and make our community bigger and stronger.

We'd appreciate your feedback via the Support Centre to let us know how we can improve

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